With close to 300 thousand metric tons of fiber extrusion, ADVANSA is, by far, the largest manufacturer of polyester fiber products in its operating region of Europe, Middle East and Africa.


The company's leadership position is reinforced by a strong portfolio of branded and specialty fibers, backed by significant ongoing investment in research and development and upstream integration into intermediates.


Hong Kong Non-Woven has partnered with ADVANSA to bring you wide product range to focus different aspect of the market.


Products such as ThermoDry™ and ThermoCool™ for insulation for apparel and outdoor sleeping bags, delivering the properties of warmth and cooling to the needs of the body. Climarelle™ provides thermo-regulation containing Phase Change Material (mPCM) which regulates the temperature to that of the body, thus excellent for bedding fiberfill and insulation.


Suprelle™ brand covers Micro which has down-like qualities, Ultra with antibacterial, anti dust-mite and antifungal properties, and Eco-Fresh with Tencel® providing moisture management – all fibers suitable for insulation and fiberfill for the home textile market.


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First licensed in DuPont for the ThermoLite® back in 1987, Hong Kong Non-Woven had been a strong supplier with quality service throughout the year. In 2004, Hong Kong Non-Woven was recertified by Invista to continue provide market dominating fiberfill insulation


Taken from Invista's company profile:"INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. The company delivers exceptional value for customers through market insight, innovative products, and a powerful portfolio of some of the most recognized trademarks in industries in which it operates."


Today, together as a licensee of INVISTA, Hong Kong Non-Woven continues to provide quality and innovating products to the polyester fiberfill market while expanding its product lines constantly.




Teijin Fibers


Polyester fibers have evolved as the Teijin Group's core business, in line with growth in the global market. Today, the Group boasts a wealth of products for applications in various industries, from apparel to industrial materials, such as those used in automobiles and aircraft.


Since its establishment, the Teijin Group has amassed a vast array of polyester-related technologies. By drawing on these technologies, together with its experience and expertise in all aspects of the polyester fibers business, from development to sales, we are advancing a business strategy that emphasizes high-performance products.


As a member of the Eco-Circle Garment Accessories Association, Hong Kong Non-Woven is pledged to support the program in promoting collection hubs all over the world, where polyester is substantially wasted during manufacturing process and after the lifetime of the sleeping bag.



Using X-Static® patterned silver fiber, HKNW has developed a range of fiberfill and insulation that offers natural antibacterial functionality based on silver ions permanently impregnated in the fibers. Whether you are looking for antibacterial functionality for apparel or bedding, X-Static® provides very effective and natural solution