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Hong Kong Non-Woven Fabric Industrial Co Ltd (HK Non-Woven) is a leading fiberfill and insulation manufacturer based in Hong Kong with production facilities in China. Its sister company Hong Kong Bonding (HK Bonding) leads in lamination and bonding processes. Both companies produce for diverse markets from outdoor, sports, bedding, to intimate apparel with a global customer base. They are leaders in innovative, technology led and development in fiberfill, lamination and bonding processes, and in production that is environmentally friendly, with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, II, III and ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification.

A renowned Legacy

HK Non-Woven and HK Bonding were founded by Mr. P. H. Lee, who was a legendary entrepreneur. He graduated from Ling Nam University in China in 1937 with an Industrial Chemistry Degree. He was one of the first Chinese in Hong Kong to operate a fully functional trading company. He also founded the Chinese Import & Export Association in 1954 to develop the industry.


The manufacturing milestone began in the 1950s as Oriental Rubberized Cloth Ltd., when the business began to process rubberized waterproof cloth. In the 1960s, the company turned into Oriental Laminator, Ltd., which was the first to provide flame lamination for the apparel business. Later in the decade, the company saw the potential of fiberfill in Japan, and decided to add HK Non-Woven to the group in 1969 to focus on fiberfill manufacturing and to add value to the existing lamination business in South East Asia, Europe and the Americas.


In 1971, Oriental Laminator Ltd. was renamed as HK Bonding, together with its sister company HK Non-Woven, with a mission to innovate, to manufacture and to provide premium quality fiberfill globally. Peter Lee, son of P.H. Lee, a chemical engineer, further developed the legacy by steering the company into a premier DuPont licensee and innovator in tailor-made fiberfill with vertical integration. Peter is also a patent owner of a number of patents in fiberfill sandwiched technology and in molded fiberfill cups. As a contributor to the society in giving seminars regularly and participate in panel talks, Peter also founded the Occupational Safety & Health Association.

Commitment to the Industry

With over 55 years of commitment to the vertical market, the company has gone through the birth, growth, and maturity of the outdoor industry, bedding, and the intimate apparel market. The company currently holds a dominant market share in the fiberfill industry, providing insulation for the premium outdoor market globally. It is the only insulation provider in history who has been a development and licensed partner for INVISTA™ (formerly DuPont™), 3M, ADVANSA, Primaloft®, Outlast®, X-Static™, Trevira, Cocona™, Minerale™, TEIJIN, and Celessence™.

Contribution to Sustainability

HK Non-Woven and HK Bonding have contributed significantly towards sustainability in particular: Recycling – Since 1994 recycled polyester from post consumer PET bottles has been used. The production processes are defined around minimal waste with closed loop production since 1993. Today, the company is one of the only international members in the Teijin’s ECO CIRCLE® Garment Accessories Association. The offices in China extensively use recycled materials (Orientated Strand Board) in pillars, walls, partitions, doors, book shelves and furniture. The paints used are formaldehyde free water based in line with environmental friendly procedures.


Chemicals and water management – Since 1969 production processes use water based acrylic adhesives. Water is also recycled in the processes through precipitation to reducing usage. HK Non-Woven is also one of the first fiberfill companies to have processes using thermal bonded fibers since 1989. In addition, the company is one of the few that has the NIKE Blue Rating.


Energy conservation – The China office has 20,000 sq ft with energy efficient lighting whilst the HK office has energy saving air con systems, which has reduced the energy consumption by 45%. The production management system is just in time with ERP integration resulting in energy conservation.

Key people

The Lee family has been involved and led the growth of the two businesses.  Started by Mr. P. H. Lee, the current management is Mr. Peter Lee, the Executive Director, Mr. Adelbert Lee, the Operations Director and Mr. Anderson Lee, the Business Director. Both Adelbert and Anderson are the sons of Mr. Peter Lee and the third generation of the Lee family.

Mr. Peter Lee, Executive Managing Director


Mr. Peter Lee
Executive Director

The Future

The success of the company has largely been a result of its commitment to innovation and technology, which has not only strengthen its accolade list, but is a testimony to the uncompromising dedication to research and development, along with unparalleled customer service. The legacy is set to continue with the vision of Mr. Anderson Lee which is to take both the business from production based to innovation, technology and development as well as market based with the help of implementation by Mr. Adelbert Lee.  This is also reflected in his personal vision and aspirations to initiate an education system that will create and grow talent for innovation and development led commercial businesses in Hong Kong.